Our story

Toa Shoes was born from an original idea and the result of the experience and knowledge that contribute more than 30 years of hard work in the footwear sector. Our first experiences with fashion footwear grew later towards the world of sport. Thus, we were able to combine all our baggage and all the technology that elite sport requires and demands, and we incorporate such leading materials as carbon or TPU soles.

With all this, in Toa Shoes we have developed a very high quality golf shoe and manufactured entirely in Spain. To our design, we incorporate all that technology that we acquire, such as the innovative system of millimeter closures instead of a simple cordonera; high-tech development lasts for a perfect fit to the foot; and soles of the largest reference of this component, Vibram, which provides us with a product of special technical design in both spike and spikeless with 100% rubber. Thus, you can use the sole of Vibram golf cues for an excellent grip when playing; or a spikeless that in addition to allowing you to play golf also serves as a street shoe.

In Toa Shoes we use the best materials on the market for our golf shoes. Water-resistant and abrasion resistant microfiber made in Italy. Coolmax fabric designed to avoid annoying moisture and provide maximum comfort. The innovative and fast Sammi® closure system. And the different Vibram® technical soles. The combination of the components guarantees an elite experience.

The entire production process is carried out in Spain. Toa Shoes designs, sews and assembles its shoes completely handmade, one by one, with the utmost care and maximum precision.

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